Trudie Hughes



I take it you found this website because you are familiar with my books, patterns and classes.

Now that I am retired, I am having a ball working on my computer and sewing all day.

I am busy trying to make 25 crib quilts a month for La Causa Crisis Nursery - a Children's shelter in Milwaukee. I have been doing this for 10 years now, so that is a lot of quilts! Sure makes me feel good to use my skills. In addition, when I don't have enough of mine going, I am quilting for a charity quilt group at my Library. They make a lot of tops and were having a hard time getting them done. To support this effort, I do longarm quilting for them..

Since I own a computerized quilting machine, I am able to quilt all of my quilts, all of the library's quilts and still have time to quilt for customers.

If you would like to get your quilt done real, real fast, let me know. I have an amazing fast (did I say fast?) turn around time.

Since I no longer travel, I am still teaching.  How about taking a class where you receive class info, patterns and recipes each month (for 12 months) for under $6 a month.